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About Arhinaut

Architecture, design, engineering.

Arhinaut, a company based in Belgrade, Serbia, provides services in the fields of architecture, engineering, design and consulting, employing cutting-edge methods of contemporary architecture.

Unconventional ideas, augmented by inventive and novel architectural and constructional solutions, make Arhinaut recognizable and unique.

A young and dynamic team of architects, designers and engineers with its headquarters in Belgrade covers a wide range of civil and urban design projects. It is supported by a broad network of companies, associates and consultants with different profiles within the country, across Europe, Middle East and in Asia.

Arhinaut stands for:
  • Authenticity: Our designs are distinctive and original.
  • Respect: We treat our clients, stakeholders and staff with respect and courtesy.
  • High-powered team of professionals is the life-blood of our organization.
  • Innovation: We value diversity in ideas and believe that the greatest products are created when the collective creative potential of all our staff is harnessed.
  • Nationwide & worldwide: We enjoy cross-cultural communication and influences, weaving tradition and modernity together.
  • Accountability: We are transparent and impartial in our activities and our decisions and take responsibility for our work.
  • Urbane thinking: We integrate our solutions in environment with full respect for context, continuity and “genius loci”.
  • Tailor-made solutions: All of our work places the client and their needs at the core of our designs, producing unique solutions adapted to every situation.


Arhinaut was established in 2009. Throughout the years the company has delivered a wide range of projects in different areas, including architecture, urban design, zoological gardens and zoo technology, archaeology and cultural heritage, sustainability, energy efficiency, civil engineering and detailed design solutions. The majority of our projects were realized on the international stage: in the European Union (Czech Republic and Slovakia), the USA, the Middle East (Qatar and Syria), Indonesia and Myanmar, as well as in Serbia and Montenegro.

An integrated design method is at the foundation of our design approach and has led to close collaborations with renowned institutions, such as Blue Green Solution (UK), IAUS-Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia, Nature Resource Network (Global), and others.

Arhinauts are a unique team of professionals that come from different educational backgrounds but share the common passion and enthusiasm for every project they deliver.

Key Projects

  • Umayyad Palace – Museum at Balis 2009-2010Aleppo, Syria (Detailed design project) ~ 2000m²
  • Hilton Hotel Belgrade (KMKM office building) 2007-2017, Serbia (Competition award and Detailed Design of KMKM office building in 2008 and façade Detailed Design for Hilton hotel 2017) ~ 40,000m² (in cooperation with IAUS)
  • Rawdat al Faras ACC 2014-2016, Qatar (Detailed design) ~ 110,000m²
  • Quarantine Facility 2016, Qatar (Detailed design and construction documentation) ~ 2500m²
  • Penguinarium 2016-2017, Belgrade Zoo, Serbia (Detailed design and construction documentation) ~ 600m²
  • FaunaLand Zoo Garden 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia (Master plan and concept design) ~ 14,700m²
  • Visitor Centre at Al Zubarah 2015-2017, Qatar (Proposal for QM, Concept design and technology solutions) ~ 4000m²
  • Jabučko Ravnište Ski Resort 2011, Stara Planina, Serbia (Master plan and architectural CD for 9 hotels) ~ 35,000m² (in cooperation with IAUS)
  • Novi Zvečan 2015, Serbia (Master plan and Concept design)
  • Residential block ‘Metro B’ 2017, New Belgrade, Serbia (Master plan and detailed design of Phase 1) ~ 55,000m²
  • Residental building in Vojvodjanska street 2017-2018, Serbia (Masterplan Concept and Detailed Design) ~ 6,000m²

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